Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review

Aloe vera is considered one of the most useful medicinal plants. The plant is used by the pharmaceutical, cosmic and food industry for its numerous health benefits. The plant has both antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It can work as a cure for dental plaque and canker sores.

Patanjani is one of the leading herbal brands of India has used aloe vera and come up with their new aloe vera gel, which will help the skin get rejuvenated, work as a remedy for sunburn and subdue the inflammation.

The product is fully natural where aloe extracts is the main component. No chemical or harmful ingredients have been used in its production.


Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Ingredients:

The gel was made 95% of aloe vera extracts. It is completely herbal and will not cause any harm to skin. Aside from aloe vera tocopherol, perfuming, cosmetic colorant, preservative have been used in its production.



Patanjali aloe vera gel is the typical form of aloe vera gel. It has a non sticky and non greasy formation which gets absorbed very easily. It is a multi advantageous product which not only soothes the skin but also has healing properties.

The product does not get extra oily like moisturizer rather has a very lightweight structure. Because of which it can be used at any time or season. Extra care was given to products packaging.

The gel is put inside a tube like structure. This tube is designed in such a way so that it can be very convenient to users and hold the hygienic property of the product.


Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Benefits:

Patanjali aloe vera gel is a complete natural product which will cause no harm to people’s skin. Because of which anyone of any skin type can use it without any hesitation. It has vitamin E which will increase users skin’s immunity and protect it from any skin disease.

The gel like structure here is very lightweight. So there is no chance of feeling foggy or sweaty after application. The gel improves skin’s clarity and helps it overcome persistent dullness.

Anyone suffering from inflammation problems like raches, red patches may apply this to the affected area. This will not only reduce the inflammation but also rejuvenate the skin and give it a radiant glow.


Use of Patanjali Alovera Gel

Patanjali gel has a wide range of uses and applications. One may apply it in the sun burn area. It will help to soothe the sun burn area and prevent it from blackening. One may apply it to areas of mosquito and insect bites.

The soft gel like texture will help in the reduction of irritation. It can be applied to the skin to reduce extra dryness of it. The gel can prove effective for controlling skin acne, dark spots, and pimples. It can also work as an anti-aging product, which will fight with skin lines and wrinkles.

Experimental users may even use this as a hair gel, to wet the hair for getting different types of hair styles. Not only that, it can work as a very good base primer before the application of makeup.

The gel like structure will cover up the pores of the skin and prevent it from excess sweating. As a result, the makeover will be long lasting and easily sits on the skin.


Things one may want to look at:

As I have said earlier it is a multi-beneficial product offering numerous benefits to its users. So, one easily assumed it to have a high price. But it doesn’t. Patanjali aloe vera is available at a reasonable price at Amazon, making it a very inexpensive and affordable product compared to its benefits.

Not only that it comes in a noble quantity. That is, a single alive vera gel will last for quite a long period, making it very much efficient to its user. As the product is 100% natural it’s very unlikely for users to have an allergic reactions for its use.


Is Patanjali aloe vera gel good?

Yes. It is good for skin.


Can we apply Patanjali aloe vera gel on face overnight?

yes, you can use Patanjali aloe vera gel on your face overnight. but if your skin is too much sensitive. dont use it overnight on the face.


Is Patanjali aloe vera gel harmful?

No. Alovera Gel is not harmful at all. but sometimes you can get one or two acne on the face if your skin is very sensitive.


Does Patanjali aloe vera gel makes skin dark?

No. Aloe vera gel by Patanjali brand does not make the skin dark.


Which Aloevera Gel is best?

Patanjali is known as the best brand for skin care, and their Alovera gel ios one of the best products.


Is Patanjali aloe vera gel a face wash?

patanjali Alovera gel is likely a facewash. you can use it like a face wash on the face.


Does Patanjali aloe vera gel remove pimples?

Yes. Patanjali Gel helps to remove the pimples on the skin. it can get 1 or 2 pimples at the beginning. but later it will remove the pimples.


How use Patanjali aloe vera gel for pimples and dark spots?

Patanjali Aloevera Gel is the best for pimple and dark spot removal. You can use it at night before sleeping. use a little and rub it on your face. for 2-5 min then wash it away.