OGX Moroccan Surf Paste Review 2022

OGX is one of the leading brands which always comes up with innovative products which proved as the most effective products customers have ever used. This time they have come up with their OGX Moroccan Surf Paste which is a hair styling paste. The product is made from OGX argan oil and sea kelp. It will condition the hair and help it get to shine and glow. There is sea salt here which will smitten the hair and provide it with a matte finish. Not only that there is beeswax in it which will help the user structure their hair according to their wish.


The product does not depend on hair type. It will go with all types of hair. So whether your hair is rough, dry, or damp you can use it without any query. It is a unisex product. which can be used by both men and women despite their gender. The product will enable the user to have a clean-cut bleach vibe after application.

OGX Moroccan Surf Paste Review 2021

The paste is very easy to apply. The whole application process is given below.

Step 1:

At first, take your OGX Moroccan Surf Paste. It would be better if you take a small container and put the paste on it according to your need.

Step 2:

This product is very versatile and as I have said earlier can be used on all types of hair whether it is dry or damp. So apply it to your hair.

Step 3:

Style it according to your preferable hairstyle.

Step 4:

Here’s one point that I would like to add. Though this product goes with all types of hair, it is suggested to wash your hair the day before application. It is not a mandatory step but can help to get better results.

Step 5:

Now you are done and ready to rock.



The product comes in a small container. It has a paste-like structure. Though it looks small, it is very efficient and will go for a long time.


Pros to look at

As we have said earlier the product has sea salt and sea kelp which will protect the user’s hair. Many people are concerned about the hair turning greasy for the excess use of this paste. I would like all those people to stay calm as this product is not greasy at all. It moisturizes the hair and gives the user the desired matte finish that he or she has been looking for.


Hairstyling is a very important part of makeup. And mainly people fail to get that perfect hair styling for themselves. Though there are parlors to do such hairstyling jobs most of them are expensive. Not only that, most of the hairstyles are complex and take a lot of time. Which is a complete-time wastage.

There are also situations where the users do not get the desired result despite spending tons of money and time on it. OGX Moroccan Surf Paste is the perfect solution to all these problems. It will help the user get that desired look. By using it customers will be making their desired look by themselves very easily. It will provide a clean-cut finish to the user’s hair and help them stand out.


It is a versatile paste. Which provides the user with a matte finish. The product description says it will remove all the greasy and foggy vibe from the hair and condition it properly. The user’s hair shines with luminosity. The product is very time efficient.


It is the best option for working men and women. They have to have a steady and tidy look every single day at their office. And maintaining a steady hairstyle is a must for them. But doing an everyday hairstyle while maintaining heavy office work is a tough matter. But nowadays it’s not tough anymore. Because now they don’t have to spend their thinking about their hairstyle, because this OGX Moroccan Surf Paste and the product info says that it can style their hairstyle within a few minutes without any problem.


There might be a lot of people who might be concerned about whether this product is cruelty free or not. To all those people we would like to say, this product is completely cruelty free. It was not tested on animals during its production. No animals were harmed.

So, we believe OGX Moroccan hair products are 100% authentic and there are no fake reviews we are sharing. Also, there is no negative comment when we checked the OGX Moroccan Surf Paste review. And most importantly if you have any doubt about this product then check the ratings where it has a star rating.



Q. Is this product costly?

Ans. Yes. this paste is a little bit expensive. But it is completely worth trying. We should all remember quality comes with a price. So rather than looking at the price tag, we should look at the quality it is delivering.


Q. Will this product harm the hair?

Ans. No harmful chemicals were used during its production. So it will not harm the hair in any way. Rather the ingredients here will smoothen the hair and provide it with a matte finish. One can easily style their hair according to their wish after its application.