Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave 30 Eyeshadow Palette

Are you concerned about your eye makeup? Are you not getting the perfect eye makeup look that you have been looking for? Is your eye makeup color not matching your dress color? Your eye shadows just not give you the perfect pigmentation? Then nothing to worry about. Because revolution fortune favors have bought the brave 39 eye shadow palette which with its 30 shade promises to give to the perfect eye look that you have been seeking. Now you do not have to stay concerned about your look.

Revolution is considered one of the leading makeup brands. They always try their best to bring the perfect makeup or cosmetic solution for customers. This time it has come up with their 30 shade palette which is going to solve the problems related to eye shadow or eye look.


The shades have a powdery structure which will provide high pigmentation. As we have said earlier it has 30 shades in it. So anyone can find the perfect color for themselves according to their dress color. Bright color to the darkest, the most daring shades are Shades Of Navy, Black, and Green.


Free brush

Revolution has added a small eye shadow brush with the palette which is just perfect for eye shadow application. Now one does not have to buy extra shadow brushes for themselves because they will already have one free with the palette.

The palette has 30 shades in one. These 30 shades make this palette one of the most sought-after palettes which can make itself useful to all types of people. One does not have to be the expert beautician for using this palette. As it has all types of color in it this can be used by all kinds of people. Whether he or she is an expert or nonexpert. This palette is the first choice of beauticians. Makeup artists prefer it for its versatility. It allows the makeup artist to explore their makeup potentials and explore new looks regularly.

The palette will give its user the perfect finish they are looking for. It will glimmer their look and help it brighten up with luminosity. The shades here will adjust themselves with the skin color and provide a matte finish. The palette has sheen shades which are considered the most sought-after ones.

As we have said earlier, palettes can be used by all types of people. It has both dark and light shades in it which proves its multipurpose and versatility. So now people can use it according to their preference. One preferring light shade can go for the light shade and one preferring the dark shade can go for the dark shade.

This palette will be the best option for working women. Working women have to travel to various places to complete their tasks. The light shade here will give working women a refined and tidy look for attending their day-to-day office activities. While the darker one will give them a glam and elegant look for attending office dinners, parties, get-togethers.

A lot of girls have complained about their shade pigmentation. Many girls often stay their eye shadow just does not sit properly and they do not get that perfect look they are looking for. This palette is the best option for such types of girls. The shades here are very pigmented. So they are bound to sit on the makeup. One does not have to use an extra concealer on the eye to make the shades sit.


Now one may have a concern about the price. There are a lot of brands that offer good cosmetic products but charge a lot of money for that. This palette is the solution for that also. You can find their products at affordable prices. economical and almost all customers of different economic backgrounds can buy it without any query.

Not only that, but the palette is very efficient also. A small number of shades will run for a very long period. It will do full justice to the user. It will provide them with a perfect transition shade.

As we have said earlier the palette comes with a brush. The brush is very smooth and will be very handy to use. The palette has a mirror attached to it. So girls can easily carry it in their purses. Take it out when needed and fix their makeup by seeing the mirror in it.

There are a lot of people who might be concerned about whether this product is cruelty free or a lot. To all people, this palette is full cruelty free. No animals were harmed during its production. It has not been tested on any animals. So it is completely cruelty free.

It has been approved by the dermatologist. A lot of research and analysis has done for Revolution productions. No harmful chemical components were used here. So there is very little chance that this palette will cause any harm to people’s skin.

Though there are a lot of quality products, we want to recommend you this amazing product to use once as it is proved that it is one of the most authentic product. And we can also guarantee you that you will get the best outcome after using Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave 30 Eyeshadow Palette.


Cons one might want to look at

The chance of having any allergy reaction is very low here. But if you have sensitive skin then it is suggested to do an allergy test before application.



Q. Are revolution 30 shades palettes with it?

Ans. Of course, they are worth it. The palette has 30 shades which can provide one with the perfect look that they have been looking for.

Q. Is this pattele expensive?

Ans. No, the palette price is very economical. So anyone of any economic background can buy this palette without any query.

Q. Is the revolution 30 shades palette cruelty free?

Ans. No animals were harmed during the production of Revolution 30 palette. Making it a cruelty free product.

Q. What type of shades does the revolution 30 shades palette have?

Ans. Revolution 30 shade palette has both dark and shades. So people can easily choose the shade they prefer from here and get the perfect eye look they are seeking.

Q. Is this palette good for working women?

Ans. This palette has 30 shades and is considered the best for working women.

Q. Where can I buy Revolution 30 shades palette?

Ans. One can buy this at any convenience store or amazon.