Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion


Innisfree is a Korean skincare and makeup brand made of natural elements. The design of their products is simply best to use. This product nicely reflects the ideology of the brand.


The air free applicator and other good elements are present in this product which is very much beneficial. Innisfree products are totally free from harmful ingredients which can cause any kind of disease or skin problem. It contains Jeju green tea and Jeju mineral powder.


Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion is one of the unique cushion product which provides long lasting moisture & keep your skin hydrated for a long time by regaining moisture to your skin. It is one of the best products for a person in their daily life.


It protects your skin barrier and can moisturize your skin for 24 hours. Because of the high phenomenon of light, the manifested oil gives you a natural glow and makes your skin tone brighter. It glows your skin more than your expectations. And also the formula of the cushion and its performance made a suitable layer on your face.


Three types of Innisfree Cushion


If we talk about cushion type then Innisfree has 3 types of cushions which are the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion, Long Wear, and Ampoule Intense which is the latest one. We find that the Water Glow would be most suitable for the spring and fall seasons because it moisturizes and provides healthy, glowy finish skin but most importantly depends on your skin type. The Long Wear is good for the summer times as it controls sebum, reduces your skin oils/shines.


The latest one Ampoule Intense is perfect in the winter times as it moisturizes the skin and shelters it from the cold and dry winter air as the weather can turn your face into dry skin. it is called the best winter cushion. The Ampoule Intense cushion could also be good for spring or fall seasons, as it has similar characteristics as the Water Glow cushion.


Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion is available in various colors from baby pastels to deep navy tones and also there is a limited edition for special occasions. It has a matte finish that fits well and most importantly Innisfree products are friendly in the environment, have a natural finish and there is no animal testing which is totally cruelty free.


Three shades of Innisfree Cushion


This Innisfree cushion comes with three shades 13 Light Beige, 21 Natural Beige, and 23 True Beige. All the cushions have similar features but a little different in nature. But every single cushion is the perfect cushion to use.


13 Light Beige is the first one where cushions keep your skin hydrated for a longer period as they store moisture. This product protects the skin barrier, moisturizes your skin for 24 hours. Give your skin a gorgeous natural glow and the formula of cushioning effect helps to absorb quickly and provide a platform layer.


If we talk about 21 Natural Beige: The cushion comes in a round simple container. It has a round mirror inside and there’s also a plastic separator between the cushion and applicator. The air puff applicator is blue in color. Because of the air-filled technology, the product does not soak into the applicator. It gives you maximum hydration when you apply it to the face.


This one has an herbal scent that fades away quickly after applying. After application, your face will literally glow. It smooths out the redness around the face. It is buildable up to an average situation. Before needing any touch, it exists for 5-6 hours. Overall it’s kind of a natural type cushion.


The 23 True Beige is also a good product for having long lasting moist cushion. which keeps your skin hydrated. It protects your skin barrier and can moist your skin for 24 hours. High in the appearance of light, the manifested oil gives you a natural glow. And the formula of the cushion and its performance made a suitable layer on your face.


About Innisfree Intense Cushion 


Nevertheless, the tone is quite natural and this product has a brightening effect on your skin aside from UV protection though every cushion has this part. Other characteristics of this product are its Paraben free, sulfate free, allergen free, contains alcohol, and contain silicon.


This Innisfree Ampoule Intense cushion we found the dewiest cushion we ever reviewed. After applying this product your skin becomes bright and radiant. It has a pleasant scent though every Innisfree product has this feature. The cushion looks solid but it definitely alters. The longevity of this cushion is approximate. If your skin gets oily after the whole day, the cushion will make you look better than usual.


If we talk about this brand we can definitely recommend you to use this product as it is an eco-friendly product. The cushion provides a cool sensation when applied which is really nice and refreshing. It is one of the best product you will ever see after using as it has a lot of fingerprint free matte finish, super dewy, hydrates your skin for a long time, reduces the shine or oiliness, having buildable coverage, Natural ingredients, Light and pleasant scent, slim and light design, various colors and types and so on.


But if we talk about its limitations: it does not over blemish limited shades, limited types of cushion, and overall having average longevity. It is not appropriate for oily skin or in hot weather like summer, it changes and does not set completely. But definitely, it is the perfect cushion choice in winter.


Altogether this Innisfree cushion is a highly recommended product. If we talk about its price, you can purchase it easily. It’s easy to take in your purse. If it seems like fading away, to check this you can simply use clean fingers and take out the sponge soaked with the formula. Whoever is a cushion lover most of them purchase Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion. beauty bloggers and beauty brands also suggest this product for usage. Overall it’s a good product to purchase and we will definitely offer you to buy this cushion.



  • Is Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion good for skin? 

Ans. It’s a good Korean product launched by Innisfree brand which is made of natural ingredients and gives you long lasting moisture & keeps your skin clean and healthy.

  • What do you know about its pros?

Ans. It moisturizes, gives you a dewy finish, easy to blend, makes a buildable layer, it coverage light and it’s a travel free item.

  • What product do beauty bloggers suggest?

Ans. Beauty bloggers suggest the Innisfree brand as it is a Korean well known brand and it provides the best result and made of good ingredients.