What are Hemorrhoids?

When the veins of the lower rectum swell up then it is called hemorrhoids. Blood pools and the veins of blood vessels swell up due to hemorrhoids. They can be both internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. The internal hemorrhoids are usually painless. But they can sometimes explode and bleed. Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids DoTerra is best choice.

The external ones usually look like small red bumps. They are visible and cause severe pain. Dealing with them can cause uncomfortable situations among people.

If we talk about the common symptoms of hemorrhoids, usually they look like small red bumps. The exact reason why this actually happens has not been discovered yet. But many say pregnancy, obesity can result in hemorrhoids. Some even say excess pressure during stool movement can cause it.

It can also occur if a person keeps on sitting for a long time. They do not cause any major health problems in people. The only thing they do is result in severely uncomfortable situations in people.

5 Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids DoTerra

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Symptoms :

There are a lot of symptoms of it. One can face pain during their bowel movement. For internal one blood can cover the swole of a person. They can occur to both males and females. There is no exact age of hemorrhoids. But after some research, it was discovered that most elderly people are victims of it.


Oils for hemorrhoids:

Essential oils which have inflammatory properties can help in the treatment of it. These oils can provide pain relief and offer relaxation to the affected area;


Name of some of the essential oils which can help one are given below:


  • First, we have frankincense oil. This oil has gained popularity for hemorrhoids treatment. It is developed by following a European tradition. It calms down the inflammation of the hemorrhoids and eases the affected area. They need to be diluted with oil for use. There can be some allergic reaction to that. So one must use them after being fully sure.


  • Then we have myrtle oil. This oil is formed from the myrtle plant. This oil needs to be mixed with cold cream and applied to the affected area. Research has shown that this oil has helped to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids. They can also stop the bleeding. This oil must be diluted before application to the affected area. A non-diluted one can cause an allergic reaction. So be careful about that. If you are not sure, do an allergy test before application.

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  • Horse chestnut oil is also one of the popular oils which can be used for its treatment. Researchers have found them very effective. They can reduce the swell and stop blood from clotting. But they must be used only after surgery. Their direct application is prohibited. One can buy cream, dilute the oil with that cream and apply it to the external hemorrhoids area. They prove very effective for frequent varicose veins. But one has to be very careful about allergic reactions. There are some people who can show allergic reactions to latex. To all those, it is suggested to consult the physician then proceed.


  • Cinnamon bark essential oil is also one of the best options for treating hemorrhoids. Cinnamon is considered one of the best medicinal plants. They are used for the treatment of a lot of diseases. The oil extracted from cinnamon bark can prove to be very effective for hemorrhoid treatment. Application of it will reduce the inflammation and relieve the area. This oil stimulates the growth of healthy tissue. This must be applied for or use for external hemorrhoids. Be Careful and do not use it for internal ones. One may mix it with coconut.

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doTERRA - TriEase Softgels Essential Oil Seasonal Blend - 60 Softgels

  • Oil made of clove is another oil that researchers have found effective for it. Its application can be both in its real form or by mixing with cream. Its oil has proved effective for relieving anal pressure. People having anal fissures might also use them. One may even produce this oil at their home. For that one just needs some clove and some oil-type lotion. 3 to 5 drops need to be applied per ounce of lotion. Like all the other oil this oil also has its demerits. It can cause severe allergic reactions to people’s skin.


  • Peppermint oil has also been proved effective for treating IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. This oil has a menthol component that soothes the inflammation of the affected area. It relieves the pressure around the anus and makes bowel movement easier for the hemorrhoid patient. This oil must be diluted before application. Like other oils here also sensitive skin people must be careful while using.


  • Tea tree oil is made of tea extract. This oil is very natural and vegan. It has been proved very effective for hemorrhoid treatment. The risk of side effects and allergic reaction is very low here as it is made of natural components. One can make tea ointments also and apply them to the affected area. Also to make home remedies 2 drops of tea tree oil is enough as it’s a very much helpful oil. After making home remedies you can apply the remedy where the tea tree essential oil will help you to reduce skin irritation.

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doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil Beadlets 125 ct (2 Pack)

  • Dill essential can work as an anti-inflammatory component. It can help in the production of new healthy skin in the hemorrhoids area. For its application, one needs to use a carrier oil. One has to mix the drilling oil with any carrier oil before application.


  • Witch hazel is also used as a home treatment for hemorrhoids. Then Coconut oil which is also a true home remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids where Coconut oil has some characteristics like antibacterial that helps to keep your affected area infection-free and clean. Use a cotton ball when you apply.


Q.Are essential oils for hemorrhoids really helpful?

Ans. Yes if they are used following necessary instructions and precautions they prove really effective to people suffering from hemorrhoids. Proper instruction must be followed. People with sensitive skin must be careful before application. Otherwise, they can cause irritation or allergic reaction

Q. Can internal hemorrhoids be treated by hemorrhoids oil?

Ans. No. Oils for hemorrhoids can not treat internal ones. They are only used for treating external ones. Never used them for an internal one.

Q. Which oil is the best one for hemorrhoids?

Ans. There is no specific best oil for hemorrhoids. One must use the oil that goes with their skin. If needed one must consult a skilled physician and then apply the oil according to the prescription. If needed one may do an allergy test before application.

Q.Can hemorrhoids really are cured by oil?

Ans. No hemorrhoids can not be fully cured by oil. But this oil can help relieve the irritation to some extent.