Essence Pure Nude Sunlighter Review 2022


Are you worried about you might not look good? It might not give that shiny vibe to your makeup? You might still look shaky despite your makeover. Then there is nothing to worry about!

Because Essence has bought the perfect solution for that. Which is essence pure nude sunlighter. A highlighter that will complete your makeup look and give you the glowing vibe that you have been seeking, it will easily adjust itself with any type of makeover. The high pigmentation will adjust itself with the makeover and help to shine or luminescence to cheeks and brow bone for a gorgeous glow. It is a product that goes with all types of skin.

Essence is one of the leading makeover brands has been always trying their best to bring the best cosmetic product in the market. Their products are completely trusted.

The same goes for pure nude sunlighter. It will help the user’s face shine like the sun. No matter how good the foundation or the whole makeup is the face does not get that glowing vibe until a highlighter is applied to your skin. So it is really important to make the right choice while choosing a highlighter.

Essence Pure Nude Sunlighter Review

As there are some highlighters that just do not sit properly above the makeup or foundation base. Again there are highlighters that give over shine ruining the natural vibe. Essence’s Pure nude sunlighter is not like that. It is a highlighter that will keep a balance between the two. It will provide the user the amount of shine that goes with the skin on one side, on the other side it will help to hold the natural beauty and natural finish after using it.

There are users who really do not prefer makeup or cosmetic products which have been tested on animals. Essence does not test any of their products on animals. They really want their items to be vegan and cruelty free. Essence pure nude sunlighter is the perfect choice for you that we believe.. This product is completely vegan and cruelty free. Pure nude sunlighter was not at all tested on animals.


The higher is the best choice for working women for beautiful luminescence as they have to go through various rough phases on a daily basis. While going through all these obstacles unknowingly working, women lose the shine of their faces. Pure nude will be the best helper for this working woman. Its golden light reflecting color materials and other features really helps to hold the shine of their face and help them build a strong persona in their workplace. As we know, shiner is just the epitome of confidence!


Pros to look at

Pure nude sunlighter goes will all types of skin. It will easily fit on the user’s face and give them a shiny look. It will help to glow your skin. The user will stand out with luminosity making their existence shiny and glowy. The face will have a bronze look which will preserve the natural beauty of the user.  Essence cosmetics are always been a good choice and we can give you a guarantee that The Pure nude sunlighter will remove the ashy or chalky look of the face. It will blend with the base makeup easily and prioritize the user glow.



Let’s talk about product info. Essence Pure Nude Sunlighter has powdery structure which will provide a bronze look to the user. It comes in a small box covered by a transparent plastic lip.


Pure nude sunlighter comes in one shade which is sunlighter. It will go with all types of skin. The sun lighter shade will help the skin shine like the sun.

Application process

The highlighter is very easy to apply. It helps to hold the natural vibe side by side and glow the skin. It has high pigmentation which provides high coverage. The process of application is very easy. The steps are given below:

  1. Take your essence pure nude sunlighter
  2. Then take a blending brush. If it is convenient then you may use your fingertip
  3. Apply the highlighter at your cheekbone, temples, inner corner of the eyes,  above the eyebrows.
  4. If you want, apply any setting spray. But it is optional.
  5. And you are done.
  6. The highlighter will not wear easily and will have a long-lasting effect.
  7. The product is very much efficient. A small amount will do the whole job. It will last for a very long period. The box it comes in is medium in size. So users can easily carry them in their handbag or purse.

Most of the girls prefer Essence products. They have the best quality and provide a glowing look. And this Essence highlighter has become their first choice to buy. So what are you waiting for! Hurry up and grab yours!



Q. Will pure nude sunlighter cause harm to the skin?

Ans. No of course not. No harmful chemicals were used for its production. So the user does not have to worry about its safety

Q. Was this highlighter tested on animals?

Ans. No, it’s not tested on animals. To all the users who are concerned about whether this highlighter is cruelty free or not. To all of them, I would like to say you can stay assured as this highlighter is completely cruelty free. No animal was harmed during its production.

Q. Is Essence pure nude sunlighter costly?

Ans. Essence is a popular brand that maintains high quality. And quality comes with a price. The highlighter is an average price product. Though it might be costly for some people it is really worth the price

Q. Are Essence products worth it?

Ans. Yes, they will fully worth your money. They will do justice to the user and prove to be the best product they have ever used.

Q. Where can I buy Pure Nude Sunlighter?

Ans. Essence products are easily available at any convenience store or supermarket. Besides essence have their own showroom also. One can easily buy from there. If one is not able to find it in such places then they may go for online amazon stores where this highlighter is easily available.

Q. Is Pure Nude Highlighter efficient?

Ans. Yes, it is efficient. Though there are brands that provide high-quality products. Usually, those products come in small quantities which run out easily. But essence highlighter is not like that. It’s efficient and a small amount will go for a long time.