Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme  Review 2022

Are you worried about your foundation? Does your foundation not provide you the look that you have been looking for? Then there is nothing to worry about. Because Revlon has bought the perfect solution for that. Which is Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream. A foundation that will glide with the skin and will blend like a dream, it offers full coverage and completely blends with the user’s skin without any chalky or ashy vibe. It has a mousse-like structure and is very convenient to use. It dries out quincy and provides the user a matte finish. Anyone can use it without any query.

Revlon, a world-class beauty brand has always been trying its best to bring the best beauty products to the market. Their products are qualified and have been always well received by the customers. This time they have innovated their colorstay whipped creme foundation which promises to help the user get a glowing look despite the skin type. The foundation will blend will the skin and go for hours.

Revlon Color stay Whipped Creme  Review 2021

As we all know a lot of girls face insecurity regarding their acne or acne scars. Most of the foundations are not able to provide that wholesome coverage to cover up those marks. Revlon colorstay will do the perfect job. It will ensure buildable coverage and cover up all types of acne or acne scars. The user can shine with their budding face. This foundation will just be the epitome of confidence for women.


Again this foundation is the best option for working women. Working women have to go through several trials and obstacles on a daily basis. In a word, the survival of women in the workplace is not an easy task. Especially in this male-dominant world. Women have to build up a strong personality at their workplace. They must shine in front of their male colleagues in all aspects.

This foundation will be the best friend of women and help them build a charismatic persona at their workplace. Not only that it will ensure a long-lasting look that will not wear out easily. The foundation will help women work hours after hours without worrying much about their looks. It will be their secret weapon that will help them build a strong and confident personality in their workplace.


As the foundation blends easily it is just the best option for a quick makeover or looks. Girls always in a hurry just need to take a pinch of this foundation and they are just ready to go.

The Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation is very suitable for oily skin. There are a lot of girls who face problems due to their oily skin. Their make just does not get that matte finish. Their faces look foggier after the application of foundation.

Revlon Colorstay is the most suitable one for them. It will remove the foggy or moisture vibe of the skin especially the ones with oily skin and then have a matte finish. It has a thick creamy consistency. Because the effect does not wear out easily. Rather provides a long-lasting and refined look. Girls with dry skin can also use it without much worry.


The foundation is very safe to use. It was produced after prudent research. Not only that, but the dermatologist has also approved it. So people can easily use it without any tension.



As we have said earlier the foundation has a creamy consistent structure. It will come in a glass bottle of medium size. The bootle will be taped with a black cap. Making the storage very convenient. It can be stored at room temperature.


Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Ingredients

Revlon is known for its high quality. Their products are refined and elegant. They help the user get an elegant look without causing any harm to the skin. They always try their best so that products get well received by the customer.

Here also Revlon has not used any chemical ingredients here which can cause any harm to users. If we focus on the product description and product info then we see some of its main ingredients are glycerin, titanium oxide, salicylic acid, tocopherol. All these ingredients will not cause any harm to the user’s skin in any way. But it is suggested if any user has an allergic reaction problem with any of the ingredients mentioned then they should not buy it.


Total shades

The foundation comes in 8 lucrative shades. So anyone of any skin color can easily find the perfect shade for themselves.


Pros to look at

The foundation will work as an anti-aging formula for users. Within a few moments after application, the user’s face will brighten up providing a young and glowing look. Rough and dry skin will get moisturized with this creamy consistency. The foundation can be compared with a skin condition. Which will condition the skin and hold its softness.

As we all know UV rays are one of the main reasons which ruin one’s makeup. This foundation with its buildable structure and high consistency will prevent users from excess sweat and help them maintain their elegant makeover.

Not all foundations are suitable for skin but we are highly recommending to you this star rating cream which has been breakdown by star. This creme makeup foundation is a perfect foundation which is really an amazing product where users reviewed that this foundation cream really works well and its ultimate performance is great.

Nowadays, the Colorstay Whipped foundation has become people’s favourite foundation. We can guarantee you that this beauty product is one of the best genuine product among any other and we believe it can be your best care product.


Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation Use:

The application process is very easy and simple.

  1. Cleanse your face properly with any cleanser or face wash
  2. Open your Revlon Colorstay foundation and take a pinch of it
  3. Apply it to your cleansed face
  4. Apply it in such a way so that all your dark spots, acne scars are covered
  5. Use any blending brush or puff to blend the foundation. You can even use your fingertip if that’s convenient for you
  6. Apply powder according to your shade and do your eye makeover.



Q. Is Revlon Colorstay foundation convenient?

Ans. Yes, this foundation is very efficient. It has high coverage so a small amount of foundation will do the whole job

Q. Does this foundation cause an allergic reaction?

Ans. The chance of getting an allergic reaction from Revlon Colorstay is very low. But it is suggested to do an allergy test before application.

Q. Is Revlon Colorstay foundation expensive?

Ans. Revlon provides high-quality products. And quality comes with a good price. This foundation might be a bit expensive for some people. But it is completely worth the try.