WHILE talking about skincare, even a few years back bottled products would easily take the front row. but as technology has advanced over the years it has its fair share of impact on the cosmetics\beauty industry as well. cosmetic surgeries, dermal fillers, Botox injections, melanin reduction surgeries, face skin lifts have stormed the market for a while now. Along with all that professional skin tightening machine has marked its own spot. But are these machines actually worth the hype? If yes, then how its basics work? pros and cons? Let’s try to find out.

The RF Machines Themselves:

Professional skin tightening machines are often referred to as RF treatment machine. Generally, they could be of different sizes and shapes according to their manufacturers also as per the regions they are to has 3 to 6 probes but that could vary as well. The probes generate radio frequencies varying from 50 to 60 hertz. Heat sensors are used in these skin care devices to adjust to the body temperature. Small, portable, user-friendly.

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How Dose Professional Skin Tightening Machine Work:

Rf professional facial treatment machines work using radio frequency on the outer deep layer (epidermis) of the skin. The waves penetrate the tissues and work on the inner layers. This process boosts the production of collagen fibers, elastic fiber, and hyaluronic acid under the skin which rejuvenates the skin cells and skin tissues. Eventually, it eases the fine lines, skin wrinkles, dark circles, skin pigmentation, and saggy skin tones. In some cases, medically it’s also used to reshape jawline, burning belly, and thigh fat through its heat-producing techniques. According to some experts, they suggest the machine best works at 67 degrees and suitable for all types of skin.

The best out there:

As these machines come in different categories it is quite hard to demonstrate the best of them. But some of those are more widely acclaimed than others. Based upon their popularity and usage here are some of the bests among the market has to offer:

Nuderma Clinical Skin Therapy Wand:

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the amazon best seller comes in 7-part pieces. The pieces are uniquely shaped applicators given for different regions of the body. it is designed precisely to carry the waves to the inner layers of skin and heals loose skin by boosting collagen production. the product requires no downtime. The intensity levels of heat are adjustable. Most importantly it’s cost-effective. $49.95 US dollars only.


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Another amazon best seller, specializes in wrinkled skin. Vastly used for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment. It produces low heat waves which are gentle to the skin. Comes in a two-piece shape, with a body probe. MLAY RF skin tightening machine is used in many beauty salons. MLAY radio frequency skin tightening uses the latest bipolar RF technology, no side effects. Its built-in safety system automatically adjusts energy depending on the temperature of your skin though. It has a 3 frequency range. it costs handsome. You can buy it from Amazon at a reasonable price. Manufacturer gives one-year guarantee with 60 days cashback.

Portable Facial Machine for Home Use:

Portable Facial Machine for Home Use

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unlike the two others it works through 5 LED lights attached to its probe. Each light is specifically designed for targeting 5 distinct problems of the skin. It increases blood circulation, massages the lymph nodes. With every use improves the skin firmer. this machine is used by the beauty stars. this is also a budget-friendly price on Amazon.

Silk n titan antiaging skin tightening device:

Silk n titan antiaging skin tightening device

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this is probably one of the easiest ones to use among the others. It’s small with a LED light attached to its head which radiates bi-polar RF energy, IR heat. It’s especially useful for the neck and face area because of its shape. The device is rechargeable. Its available on Amazon at affordable prices.

Sensica sensilift RF skin tightening device:

Sensica sensilift RF skin tightening device

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it is also a hand-holding device that also uses radio frequency technology. It has automatic heat sensors which keep the waves in such a temperature where it could work to its full potential and generate the maximum amount of collagen. Designed maintaining all the safety measures. This skin lift device comes with a 2-year warranty. The price range is very reasonable.

There are many other note-worthy companies that produce these machines for skin such as iluminage youth activator device, tripolar STOP X device, skin Inc in bulk amounts, which are supplied worldwide.

How to Operate Professional Skin Tightening Machine:

Professional Skin Tightening Machine

The procedure of using these devices is quite easy. All it takes is cleaned skin and steady hands. Many people use hyaluronic acids on the surface of metal probes for better results. switch on the machine and do round steady circulations around the skin. If this doesn’t have auto heat sensors one might have to adjust the heat levels. After a session, one should be a little careful about the environment around him\her skin.

Pros and cons:

Professional skin tightening machines are considered one of the most useful noninvasive methods for skin tightening and facial care. It’s the ultimate alternative for the face lift procedure. No knives are used, no skin is cut. People can easily treat themselves with this all by themselves.

On the contrary, other skins tightening treatments such as laser aesthetics are hard to maintain thoroughly. They require much intensive care after the procedure is done and periodic sessions to the clinic. Can cause side effects as well. Not to mention those treatments are very costly whereas the professional skin tightening devices are cost-effective.

Having said that, it might as well have some cons like excessive use could cause the skin to lose its elasticity too much, personal use without any medical consultation sometimes can cause damage though it’s very rare.

There are many other reputed companies that produce these machines in bulk amounts, which are supplied worldwide.

So, worth the hype!

This particular device has gained enormous popularity throughout the years. In non-surgical procedures skin tightening machines have jumped from 9th to 7th position on the basis of popularity worldwide, it also holds the 5th position of all-time favorite non-surgical procedure of men reported by a British weekly. So, it’s safe to say that the machine for skin has done wonders among the mass.

The beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson once said “I don’t want to be an old hag, there is no fun in that” she said that as she believes in plastic surgeries but also stated that beauty comes from within. I do completely agree with the sentiment. The precious twinkle in someone’s eyes, warmth through their smiles cozies hearts irrespective of how old they are, yet it won’t cause any harm to use an quite safe machine to beautify the skin a bit. Maybe when I’ll be hitting 70, I will give it a try. Now, whether it’s worth the hype or not I’ll let you people decide! (since it has got me)


What Makes Cosmetic Skin Tightening so Popular?

Cosmetics skin tightening is so popular because it’s absolutely painless and safe. It doesn’t require anesthesia like other skin surgery. cosmetics skin tightening won’t damage skin layer as there is no use of needles.


Can At-Home Skin Tightening Machines Work?

Yes, You can use a skin tightening machine at home. we have reviewed the best home use skin tightening machine above, please check the number 3.

How to Choose the Best Skin Tightening Machine for Home Use

Among the ease of getting your own best skin tightening machine for home use is the fact that it’s inexpensive than obtaining treatment in your derma. But there are a number of elements you want to seriously contemplate so which you may get the most from it!

Who Can Not Utilize Skin Tightening Machine?

Everyone can use a professional skin tightening machine, they are suitable for all skin types but pregnant women and menstrual period should not use this tool.  the people who have skin diseases like burnt skin, skin allergy, the anticoagulant disease should not use it.