#10 Best DIY Overnight Face Mask to Revive Your Skin

Is your stressful busy life interrupting your beauty sleep? Sound sleep is necessary for kickstarting the next day. It’s because your body heals itself during your sleep, and freshens the mind. If you get a sound sleep your skin cells repair the damages you get from daily work. An overnight face mask can help you to sleep better and rejuvenate your skin at the same time. Commercial face masks are costly, plus many prefer natural masks than chemicals found in the market. If you’re one of them, we have an interesting solution for you. We have some of the easiest DIY overnight face mask recipes that work like magic to your skin.

Overnight Face Masks – What Are They?

Overnight face masks are just like other regular face masks that you apply before going to bed. You put the mask on your face during your sleep and wash it off after waking up the next morning. The main objective is to aid the auto-healing process of your skin and repair the damaged cells during your sleep.

Overnight Masks vs. Regular Face Masks

Although you apply overnight face masks just like other masks, the basic difference is to leave them overnight instead of washing them off after 1-2 hours of the application. Overnight masks hydrate your skin for a long time. Thus it can heal itself with the help of nourishing ingredients throughout the night.

When you sleep at night and your body is relaxed, your organs work better to prepare your body for the next day. If you use a mask at night, it will penetrate deep into your skin while your skin is free from dirt and dust.

Tons of overnight face masks are available in the market, but none works better than natural ones prepared with the right ingredients and the right recipe. Mask with chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances may cause irritation especially if you have sensitive skin. In that case, homemade face masks are the best option for you. If you’re looking for this option, here are some effective recipes we have enlisted for you:

Tomato & Honey Mask

This homemade easy face mask is most suitable for oily. Acne-prone skin. Tomato has many benefits to the human body. It is a natural astringent that constricts body tissues. It helps in healing the skin from sunburn. Honey does the same to the skin. Additionally, it moisturizes and softens the skin. Together they cleanse the pores from the face and revive the glow on your skin.


Tomato juice 3 tablespoons, and honey 1 tablespoon.


Simply mix the ingredients in a bowl. No additional water or other ingredients is necessary. Cleanse your face before sleep. Apply the mixture on the face, and leave overnight. Wash your face in the morning with warm water. Apply two to three times a week for better results.

Note: Honey may cause irritation to some people with sensitive skin. In this case, stop using it immediately, and consult a specialist before using it again.

Cucumber Face mask

Cucumber has an amazing health benefit to the body as well as your skin. Cucumber promotes hydration in the body, also works against inflammation. Another benefit of cucumber is that it heals sunburn, reduces wrinkles, and helps your skin glow. The best thing is that this face mask can be used on any skin type.


Fresh Cucumber Juice – 2 tablespoons


Extract cucumber juice from one small cucumber. Try to use fresh juice every time rather than stored juice. Apply it after cleaning your face. Apply thoroughly with cotton on your face. Let it soak in the skin overnight. Wash it in the morning. Use two to three times for better results.

Aloe vera And Vitamin E mask

Aloe vera works as an amazing hydrating agent to the body. It has been consumed to protect our bodies from dehydration for many years. Aloe vera is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, protects from harmful UV rays. Along with vitamin E, Aloe vera can be a good homemade overnight face mask for dry skins.


Aloe Vera Gel 1 tablespoon, Vitamin E Capsule 2 tablespoons


Mix the ingredients properly. Wash your face, apply the mask on your face and leave it while you’re asleep. Clean it  with cold water in the morning. Apply the mask three to four times a week.

Note: Check if your skin is allergic to Vitamin E. If yes, use it according to skin specialists’ instructions.

Olive oil Face mask

Olive oil is another natural antioxidant that smooths the skin by killing the acne-causing bacteria off your face. It also moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Olive oil also works as an anti-aging agent and reduces oxidative stress. It can exfoliate your skin as well. Olive oil helps to get a healthy and beautiful skin.


Virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons


Apply olive oil thoroughly on your face. Massage your face with olive oil for five minutes. Keep it as you go to sleep. Wash your face in the morning.

Note:You can apply olive oil instead of lotion or vaseline any time you feel like. You can also use a few drops of olive oil with your night cream for added benefits.

Green Tea and Potato Face Mask

Green tea  reduces inflammation, and nourishes the skin. Potato juice cleans the pores on the skin. This mask can prevent rashes, and reduce acne. It is suitable for oily skin type.


Green tea 3 tablespoons, and Potato juice 3 tablespoons


Mix the green tea (freshly brewed) and extracted potato juice together. Apply it with a cotton pad on your clean face before going to bed at night. This mask is absorbed quickly into the face. Leave it overnight. Clean it with warm water in the morning. Apply three times a week for better results.

Charcoal Face Mask

Charcoal has been used for many years for its ability to absorb dirt, grime, and excess oil. This mask can give a glowing effect on your face. It helps to repair your dead skin cells. This face mask is one of the best products for glowing skin.


Charcoal powder 2 tablespoons / 3 Charcoal tablets, Gelatine powder 1 tablespoon, and Water as necessary.


Add the charcoal and gelatine in a mixing bowl. Make a thin paste with a little water in the bowl. Microwave the paste for 10 seconds. Make sure there is no lump in the paste. Cool it down, then apply on your face. Wash it off with cold water in the morning. Use it once in a week.

Lemon & Milk Cream Face Mask

Vitamin C repairs the skin damage. Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It also gives the skin a glowing effect. The lactic acid of milk cream cleans the skin and brightens your skin as well. It is a good moisturizer for healthy skin.

Natural ingredients

Dairy milk cream 2 tablespoons, and Lemon juice ½ tablespoon


Mix the ingredients in a bowl properly. Apply the mixture on your face before sleeping. Leave it overnight, and wash off with warm water in the morning. Use this mask twice a week.

Egg white face mask

Egg white contains vitamin A that softens and nourishes the skin. It also promotes skin brightness, removes pores, works as an anti-aging agent as well.


One egg white


Clean your face. Apply the egg white gently on your face. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave it for the night, and wash with cold water the next morning. Use it twice to thrice every week.

Watermelon sleeping mask

Watermelon does not only hydrate your body and refreshes your mind, it soothes your skin as well. Lycopene substance in the watermelon can prevent skin damage from harmful free radicals. This mask can soften and moisturize your skin. People with all types of skin can use this mask to get beautiful skin.


Fresh watermelon juice 3 tablespoons.


Apply the extracted juice on a clean face with a cotton pad. Let it dry. Then leave it while you’re asleep. Wash it off the next morning.

Jojoba Oil And Tea Tree Essential Oil Face Mask

Jojoba oil recovers skin infections. It also fights against skin aging, On the other hand, a drops of Tea tree oil has an inflammatory property. Its antioxidant fights acne to ensure a smooth face..


Jojoba oil 2 tablespoon and 3-4 drops tea tree oil.


Add tea tree oil drops to Jojoba oil and mix them properly. Apply the mixture on your face gently with cotton ball. Give a massage for 2-3 minutes.

Note: Tea tree oil can be allergic to some skin types. Make sure you do a test or get advice from a dermatologist before using the mask.

Final Words

The natural ingredient made overnight face mask is always a better option than using chemical-based commercial face masks. But, you should consider the fact that natural ones take more time to work effectively on the skin for a better result. Try these beauty hacks of DIY overnight face masks we\ve mentioned above. You may get different results on different masks for your skin type. Don’t forget to let us know which one worked the best for you.