Italy is considered the capital of the fashion industry. Versace is one of the many world famous brands that originated from Italy. Versace is a combination of fashion with elegance. Its wide variety of perfumes offer delightful fragrances. Versace has a variety of fragrances for both men and women in the house. If it’s your first time choosing the best Versace perfume for her it might be hard for you. We’ve done the legwork to make things easier for you. Here’s our pick for the 10 best Versace perfumes for her that you can buy for your special one.

Best Versace Perfumes for her

10 Best Versace Perfumes for Women Review 

1. Crystal Noir Versace for Women


Crystal Noir Versace was first introduced by Antoine Lie in 2004. It is a unique creation by Antoine made especially for women who desire a delicate appealing scent. It has a nice fresh smell with floral hints. It is the composition of mysterious gardenia; makes you feel fresh and sensual. When you smell the Versace, the first note you’ll feel is cardamom and ginger. Gradually you’ll get a mixed sweet smell of coconut, and orange. Finally, you’ll smell a base note of the mixer of amber, sandalwood, and musk. The smell of the perfume is strong, but not too strong to affect your allergies.

2. Versace Women by Versace


Versace women were designed by Christine Nagel in 2000. It smells like floral woody musk. Initial impressions of this perfume are Rose, Jasmine Leaf, and Bergamot. At the heart of this fragrance are Raspberry, Plum, Lotus and Cedar. Musk and Amber are the last impressions of this perfume.

3. Versace 2 Thousand Perfume for Women by Versace


In 2000, Varsace created this classic perfume for women who has something to deliver. It has a strong spicy fragrance like the top note. The base smell is floral woody musk. Versace 2 Thousand was a statement of independent women at the beginning of the new century.

4. V/S Versus by Versace For men


It is an over 30 years old classic perfume introduced by Jean-Pierre Bethouart in 1988. It has a floral fruity fragrance. The first time you smell Versus, it will give you a strong limey pinch. Initially, you’ll get a sweet flavor of mandarin orange as the scent keeps spreading. At the heart of this perfume gives you the aromas of Cinnamon, Carnation, Jasmine, and Lily-of-the-Valley.

5. Vanitas Versace for Women


Vanitas Versace is comparatively a new addition to the Versace collection compared to the other perfumes we’ve mentioned earlier. It was developed by Dora Baghriche in 2011. American renowned fashion model Lindsey Wixson exclusively advertised for this perfume. The fragrance is a composition of Lime, Tiare Flower, and Freesia. Its amazing scent suits perfectly to women with any type of personality. This is one of the best Versace perfumes that your lady can wear every day.

6. Versace Essence Emotional for Women


Versace Essence Emotional provides the floral green fragrance. It’s suitable for women to use occasionally. Its top note has a fresh scent of lily and bergamot. Initially, you’ll start getting a light essence of ylang-ylang flowers. The smell of Ylang-ylang is surprisingly sweet, with a slightly fruity floral fragrance. The base note is the blend of Jasmine, Banana, and Neroli with a hint of musk. It’s perfect when you’re traveling, or going for a long ride.

7. Bright Crystal by Versace for Women


Bright Crystal was released in 2006. Alberto Morillas developed a softer and luminous fragrance in comparison with Crystal Noir this time. The perfume opens up with the notes of pomegranate, Yuzu, and Frosted Accord. You’ll get Peony, Lotus, and Magnolia are the heart of this fragrance.

8. Blonde Versace for Women


Blonde Versace was created by Nathalie Feisthauer in 1995 with the honor of Gianni Versace’s sister, Blond Donatella. Its initial essence is the silky-sweet notes of Gardenia, and Pittosporum flowers. Its seductive essence makes women self-confident. This strong perfume is recommended when you’re at the important meeting in the office or step outdoors among a bunch of random people. This smell is sure to attract the attention of others.

9. Metal Jeans by Versace for Women



Metal Jeans was released in 2001 as a sign of the starting of a new millennium, and new technologies. This new attractive fragrance provides an essence of freesia, neroli, and lily. When it is getting to melt slowly with you, people will start to get a flowery scent of Jasmine and Rose spiced gently with Nutmeg. The container is a glass bottle made of special glass and covered by a plastic bag.

10. Baby Rose Jeans Versace for Women


Baby Rose Jeans was created in 1995. This is the only pure floral fragrance for women. This is the perfect perfume for feminine and romantic personalities. Women with strong personalities, love to represent herself and her beauty strongly are considered while creating this variation. The upper notes of the baby Rose are Mandarin Orange, Peach, Green Notes and Bergamot. Once you are used to the top note, you start getting a mixed smell of Violet, Hyacinth, Freesia, Lily-of-the-Valley, Neroli and Rose. The base notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood and White Musk that will be enough to allure the people around you.


Versace offers a wide range of perfumes with a blend of a variety of scents. You should consider some points before choosing the best Versace perfume for her. First, learn her choice of smell. Is it fruity? Floral – is that what she likes? Or is it woody, or spicy? Know her personality type. What type of person your girl is, and how she represents herself. Now that you know the type, try to feel the fragrances.

Don’t try a lot; trust us, this is not a good idea to smell many fragrances at once. Smelling different types of fragrances will make you confused and dizzy. We’ve already sorted out the best among the best for you. Keep these key considerations in mind while you choose the perfect one among the list we’ve provided. Choose wisely and make her feel special by wearing it.

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